Our Story

There’s a reason why pets get their own Instagram pages, have their faces printed on t-shirts, and are repped by car bumper stickers: it’s because people love their furry companions more than they can say, so they show it instead! Barley & Belle specializes in custom pet blankets that will stand the test of time and show off all of your companions in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Barley & Belle is proudly named for our own adopted pups. They have been silly, charismatic, and beloved members of our family from their first day home and we’ve taken any opportunity to showcase their sweet faces. Our background is in interior design, so developing ways to include them in our style seemed like a must, and that’s when the idea for our first Barley & Belle blanket was born! There were so many favorite photos to choose from, but we managed to pick our top two and turned them into a beautiful digital art file that fit the color scheme of our home. Then we took a cozy micro fleece fabric that was sturdy enough to withstand everything from snuggles to tug-o-war to car rides and had it printed with our fur babies front and center. We got so many compliments on the blanket that soon we were working day and night to make more for family and friends.

It turns out we’re not the only ones who love our pets this much! To this day it brings us so much joy to see how much these blankets mean to our customers. It’s that forever love for our pets that inspires us to keep doing what we’re doing.

Our Mission

At Barley & Belle, we want to celebrate your pets as much as you do. That’s why we’re devoted to creating personalized blankets that help you show off the big love you’ve got for all of your fur babies, from dogs and cats to Guinea pigs, rabbits and beyond. Our in-house artists use your favorite photos and videos to create a custom pet portrait that captures all the character and personality you know so well. Every pet portrait is custom and is only used once – for you!

We have chosen the longest-lasting and safest materials for your home so you can look forward to using your Barley & Belle blanket for years to come. Non-toxic dyes keep colors sharp for years and can stand up to daily wear, human and otherwise. Hardy micro fleece prevents pilling and can withstand just about anything, from muddy paws to picnics in the park.

Our blankets are perfect for any size of pet and work in every room in the house, even in the car! Throw one over the couch for an additional cozy layer of furniture protection or take it with you on road trips to soften up the ride and save the seats from extra scratches and dirt. Tucking one into a small animal carrier for a familiar smell can even provide a calming effect for nervous travellers. There are countless uses, but the heart of Barley & Belle is simple: capture the memories you want to last a lifetime. Use our custom blankets and feel the love every time you snuggle up with your fur baby!

Barley & Belle knows how much your pets mean to you and our mission is to help you celebrate them for years to come. Just like a Dalmatian, they’re spot on.